3 Printing Companies in Singapore you need to know
Posted on: February 2, 2017, by : admin

Singapore offers a variety of printing companies, from the oldest and pioneers to the most passionate about design and communication, here you can see five different companies that may be able to offer what you are looking for your event, brand, and presentations or simply to grow your business in a traditional or postmodern way using name cards or creating digital websites. Hopefully one of these offers what you are looking for.

  1. HoPrinting

Pioneer on printing

The founder Ho Ho Yin is considerate a pioneer on Singapore printing companies, he start a business with only 10 workers and he makes sure to satisfice the needs of this human resource providing them a welfare ambient in the job, he even offer free meals to his employees. The camaraderie was his vision for making a big business “A happy, well-fed, well-knit community is sure, more productive.”

It’s really motivational checking on this experience, HoPrinting it’s now a multimillion dollar business that grows up from 10 employees to 100 in a plant of 7,700 sqm. Since the beginning of the company Ho Ho Yin bet on technologies investment every time and the results have been an example of making the best services possible inside and out of the business will securely .

Here you have a company with 60 years of existence in the market, they are a reference on regional marketing communications and direct marketing that goes from IBM to Ava Book production, these guys are totally globalized, and in fact, they had worked too with government agencies.

Dedication and a loyal customer portfolio indicate this company as a consolidated brand reference on Singapore, their print solutions are complex and based on capabilities as digital imaging, prepress, offset/ digital printing, bindery and clean finishing. On the other hand, they offer mail administration and management that incorporate sorting and conveying mass mail to the mail station with great rates.

         2.Print That Now!

These guys have the vision of putting the customer services first, guaranteed designs adapt to clients necessities. Print That Now! is basically a team of creative designer, founded by young people who cares about the high quality of their prints and offer the best possibilities on price and talent to their customer portfolio.

Love for Communication

Print That Now! represents a fresh new generation of great ideas, creative management and social abilities, why? what is the different or character more important of Print That Now!? Well, they love to communicate; for this team, the communication is elemental, something weird for a group of millennials you might think! But you are wrong, this globalized team use technologies, in order to manage and connect people around different continents not only as costumers but as employees, the founder of this company, works with local Singapore talent and also foreign people.

Passion for printing and design

All the products they offer goes from the design of websites to designs of printing solutions with extensive materials for making business cards, stickers, banners, flyers, corporate folders, booklets, cardboard standee… If you are looking for high standards, communication as priority and passion on service, these team it will be your best option in Singapore.

They work under the concept of “choose us and never look back“, the delivery dates are adapted to the comfort of the client, they offer a wide range of colors and high resolution.
The reason for this is to share with the customer the passion for the brand and loyalty to it, in a reciprocal process of working together, because as they say “work with us feels like winning”.

     3.Print de Creation

These people are local Singapore shop, if you are looking for specialist on digital printing, lamination, bookbinding and scanning services all in one PTC could be your best support especially if you are designing something because you need to make a presentation tomorrow, just send your design to this people and they will have the printing solution you need in the after day without compromising the quality or color you need to impress your clients or boss.