Best Banner Printing Software Options

Banner printing software are programs that have desktop publishing tools that let designers craft banners, flyer and other types of documents. The programs here are all recommended, as well free to download.

Before we start…

Banner printing freeware offer tools and features for swift and effortless design of banners, posters and other types of desktop marketing documents for free. These pieces of software can be downloaded for without charge, with no obligation to pay for anything. This means once you have the software in your PC, you can start producing banners and other types of documents for as long as you like and in any way you like.


Scribus gives you way into potent publishing features like Spot Color support, ICC color management, CMYK support and PDF creation. These characteristics allow you to work on text and pictures to make readable content and visually dazzling imagery for your banner plans. All of this is contained in a sleek and up to date user interface that delivers an easy process to produce magazine pages, cards, banners, posters and others kind of documents using effortless and comfy features.


This is another kind of software that is intended to create posters, but it is also a fine banner printing freeware option, thanks to its multiple features — predominantly its capability to support any variety of paper size and its limitless possibilities of printing sizes in adding up to the preset printer page layouts. It has support for numerous image file formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO, PSD and others. It also supports some of the most used image color types like RGB, CMYK and Monochrome.

Avery DesignPro for PC

DesignPro was created to be used in the bulk processing and printing of materials like name cards, welcome cards, banners, posters, labels and any kind of mass-produced document. It offers sequential numbering and fast mail merge for large mailings. There are a copious number of templates available for exploit and there are step-by-step guides to make designing materials simple even for the most inexpert user. With these amazing features, Avery DesignPro is suggested for designing and printing banners and signs.


Posteriza aims to be used for the design of posters. This free of charge software is recommended for large printing. Nevertheless, with its support for ample catalog of paper sizes and printers, it can also be used to make banners and flyers. You can craft the banner in any size you desire because the software is able to support any size document, ranging from a tiny poster to a humongous mural that can cover all the walls of a house. It supports quite a lot of popular image file formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Any font already available on your computer can be used for the designs you build in Posteriza.

PagePlus Starter Edition

This free version of the PagePlus Starter Edition publishing software present users to a variety of the features included in the full version. For free, you will obtain entire access to precise handling of text and other essentials of a document, support for several image file formats and an easy to use user interface. This program gives you the ability to create all type of documents like name cards, magazines, newsletters, posters, and banners.

Make the perfect Business Card in 5 Easy Steps

Before we search for a name card printing service, we have to make sure that we have a good design first. The ideal business card should convey a feeling of what really matters to your business while likewise giving valuable data about your organization and your part in it. In spite of the fact that there is a restricted space, by utilizing the space wisely, you will give individuals something beyond your name and address when you give them your card.

Tip: Nothing ruins a decent business card like utilizing an individual email address, so in the event that you haven’t, set up your free business email address before making your business cards.

Step 1: Choose Where You Want your Cards Made

There are three essential alternatives with regards to making your business cards:

  1. Order from an online printer
  2. Work with your local printer
  3. Do it yourself.

When you choose where you need to get your business cards made, you can begin designing your business cards.

Step 2: Decide What Information You Want on the Card

At the very least you need to have the accompanying data on your card:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your business name
  • Your work title
  • Telephone number – You can pick between a local number, 800 number, or vanity number for your name card.
  • Email address – Make sure that you’re not utilizing an individual email address on your business card.
  • Website

Keep in mind that there is a constrained measure of space, and you would prefer not to pack all this data on your business card. Pick the data that is most important for your kind of business to highlight.

Step 3: Design Your Card

There are a couple of choices for designing your card:

  • Use a premade template
  • Design yourself
  • Hire a professional Designer
  • Work with the printing company directly

We recommend utilizing a premade template as is free, and the layouts can be customized with your organization’s logo and data.

Step 4: Choose Your Font(s)

Keep in mind that comprehensibility is the most vital thing while picking your font style, so you need to avoid decorative fonts styles. We utilize Copperplate Gothic for our cards. Here is a rundown of fonts styles from that for the most part look great in print.

Avoid difficult to read font styles, similar to the font in the card above.

If you utilize more than one font text style on the card then it should be complimentary and it is not recommended to utilize more than two. Keep in mind that you can utilize distinctive sizes and bolding to make the critical parts, like your business name, be noticeable.

If you are unsure, utilize the default font that is in the template you are picking.

Step 6: Add your Info and Logo

You can without much work transfer an image record of your logo and crop it so it will fit in the space saved for the logo. This obviously assumes you have chosen to utilize your logo on your card, which is recommended.

Final Thoughts

The ideal business cards have to be accessible, very well designed, and reflective of your business. If you require some inspiration to help you make your business cards, look at these business cards that we cherish.

3 Printing Companies in Singapore you need to know

Singapore offers a variety of printing companies, from the oldest and pioneers to the most passionate about design and communication, here you can see five different companies that may be able to offer what you are looking for your event, brand, and presentations or simply to grow your business in a traditional or postmodern way using name cards or creating digital websites. Hopefully one of these offers what you are looking for.

  1. HoPrinting

Pioneer on printing

The founder Ho Ho Yin is considerate a pioneer on Singapore printing companies, he start a business with only 10 workers and he makes sure to satisfice the needs of this human resource providing them a welfare ambient in the job, he even offer free meals to his employees. The camaraderie was his vision for making a big business “A happy, well-fed, well-knit community is sure, more productive.”

It’s really motivational checking on this experience, HoPrinting it’s now a multimillion dollar business that grows up from 10 employees to 100 in a plant of 7,700 sqm. Since the beginning of the company Ho Ho Yin bet on technologies investment every time and the results have been an example of making the best services possible inside and out of the business will securely .

Here you have a company with 60 years of existence in the market, they are a reference on regional marketing communications and direct marketing that goes from IBM to Ava Book production, these guys are totally globalized, and in fact, they had worked too with government agencies.

Dedication and a loyal customer portfolio indicate this company as a consolidated brand reference on Singapore, their print solutions are complex and based on capabilities as digital imaging, prepress, offset/ digital printing, bindery and clean finishing. On the other hand, they offer mail administration and management that incorporate sorting and conveying mass mail to the mail station with great rates.

         2.Print That Now!

These guys have the vision of putting the customer services first, guaranteed designs adapt to clients necessities. Print That Now! is basically a team of creative designer, founded by young people who cares about the high quality of their prints and offer the best possibilities on price and talent to their customer portfolio.

Love for Communication

Print That Now! represents a fresh new generation of great ideas, creative management and social abilities, why? what is the different or character more important of Print That Now!? Well, they love to communicate; for this team, the communication is elemental, something weird for a group of millennials you might think! But you are wrong, this globalized team use technologies, in order to manage and connect people around different continents not only as costumers but as employees, the founder of this company, works with local Singapore talent and also foreign people.

Passion for printing and design

All the products they offer goes from the design of websites to designs of printing solutions with extensive materials for making business cards, stickers, banners, flyers, corporate folders, booklets, cardboard standee… If you are looking for high standards, communication as priority and passion on service, these team it will be your best option in Singapore.

They work under the concept of “choose us and never look back“, the delivery dates are adapted to the comfort of the client, they offer a wide range of colors and high resolution.
The reason for this is to share with the customer the passion for the brand and loyalty to it, in a reciprocal process of working together, because as they say “work with us feels like winning”.

     3.Print de Creation

These people are local Singapore shop, if you are looking for specialist on digital printing, lamination, bookbinding and scanning services all in one PTC could be your best support especially if you are designing something because you need to make a presentation tomorrow, just send your design to this people and they will have the printing solution you need in the after day without compromising the quality or color you need to impress your clients or boss.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Stunning Business Cards

Your name cards Singapore is regularly a potential customer’s first contact with your organization; you need to connect with them and in addition urge them to discover more about you and what you do. One of the most ideal approaches to do this, is with a very much outlined, easy to comprehend card. Take after the tips beneath to make unmistakable, proficient business card that packs a punch!

Who, What, Where, Why?

It might sound self-evident, yet the first (and most essential!) thing to consider when planning your business card is the data you need to pass on. Ensure your name, work title and organization name or logo is plainly shown. Contemplate which contact subtle elements to incorporate, you have to strike a harmony between sufficiently giving purposes of contact, without making your card look messed. From our experience, your site, email address and telephone number are basic. Numerous businesses no longer incorporate an address on their business cards, so in case you’re battling for space, you might need to expel this from your outline.

Another method for sparing space is to make a QR Code for your card. They give a slick method for including a great deal of data on a business card, without making it look jumbled. It’s additionally a simple approach to make a connection between your printed and online substance, by filtering the code, individuals can naturally be sent to your site. There are a lot of free QR code generators on the web, so getting innovative doesn’t need to use up every last cent.



Bright or Plain?

Bright hues. When utilized accurately, can make a business card emerge, and look particular. This strategy is frequently utilized by plan and innovative businesses, with the point of seeming crisp, energizing and unique. Be that as it may, don’t think little of the force of effortlessness. A plain high contrast configuration can be as important and striking as a vivid card and can frequently be viewed as more “up-to-date” as well.


Contemplate which contact subtle elements to incorporate you have to strike a harmony between sufficiently giving purposes of contact, without making your card look jumbled. From our experience, your site, email address and telephone number are basic. Numerous businesses no longer incorporate an address on their business cards, so in case you’re battling for space, you might need to expel this from your outline.



If you’re worried about a highly contrasting card looking dull, take a stab at emblazoning the words. Decorating makes a raised, 3D impact, which adds tastefulness and style to a business card.

Emblazoning additionally makes the card more material. Investigate has demonstrated that connecting with more than one sense at once can enhance review of a protest, so individuals would will probably recollect your business.



Visual Content

Pictures talk louder than words. This is valid for business cards. While you need composed substance on one side of the card, consider sparing the other for something more visual. Maybe you could utilize the space to show a picture of your product, or something identified with your business. Then again, put your organization logo on the back of the card. Whatever you do, don’t abandon it clear – it’s regularly guaranteed that individuals don’t take a gander at the back of business cards, yet that is just not genuine. Simply consider how often you’ve been given a card, and flipped it over to check…


Fringes and Bleeds

Don’t utilize fringes in your card outline. This is for an absolutely down to earth reason regardless of how much consideration is paid; printing is never 100% totally exact. A superbly symmetrical verge on your screen may turn out disproportionate, because of moment developments in the printing machine. Printers suggest leaving a 3mm Bleed a zone an indistinguishable shading from the foundationaround the edges of your card, only consequently.


The Safe Area

Along with the drain, printers additionally as a rule indicate a “sheltered zone” in the focal point of the card. Keep any essential data (like contact points of interest) inside this region, to maintain a strategic distance from it being cut off amid the printing procedure.

Paper Thickness

Consider the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards tend to feel more costly, making your business appear to be more expert. A business cards imprinted on paper more slender than 300gsm look and feel rather thin, which can make them feel shabby and modest. Take a stab at thinking about your card as you would a handshake; no one loves a limp handshake, so why might they like a limp business card?


Keep it Simple

You may be enticed to utilize an uncommon material for your business card. While this will unquestionably be essential, remember the common sense of your picked medium. Individuals frequently compose additional subtle elements on business cards, for example, where they procure the card. This is a great deal harder to do on metal, wood or even meat.